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When you receive a cancer diagnosis, the news can be overwhelming. A flood of emotions begins to affect the way your mind works. The next hurdle is dealing with the treatments and the stress that comes along with that process. The daily routine is completely focused on survival, and that will change your ability to focus and stay present. No two people will react the same way to the news of a cancer diagnosis. However, everyone can benefit from treatments designed to calm the central nervous system. It is beneficial to see treatment as a combination of mind, body, and spirit. This process ha proven to be effective in dealing with the side effects of cancer treatments.

The program we use at the Breast Cancer Relief Network can assist by having the mind be centered and peaceful. Optimism and positive emotions have proven to be effective ways to assist cancer patients during their treatment routines. If the mind is centered and at peace, it is in a better position to provide daily maintenance.

Each year more than 230,000 women in the US will learn they have breast cancer, according to the National Cancer Institute. The stress the breast cancer patient is dealing with can have an effect on their loved ones. Our Program can help them as well deal with the stress of seeing their loved ones go through the treatments. According to a research study, as many as 40% of male partners of breast cancer patients themselves are diagnosed with depression and other mood disorders.

Breast cancer survivors also need continued stress reduction. The emotional recovery may actually take longer than the physical recovery. For many survivors, there is a residual fear experienced and our Program is beneficial in these cases as well. Breast cancer affects both the mind and the body, so reducing stress and negative emotions, programs like ours could potentially play an important role in the treatment process.

With the continued help and support of generous people like you, we will continue our support programs so the many people living with Breast Cancer can live a more normal everyday life.

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The Veterans Trauma Support Network was founded as a program to assist the brave men and women who serve and protect our great nation. From soldiers who served in previous wars to servicemen and women currently protecting our country and suffering the effects of battle. Our organization will provide services directly to those in need or refer them to practitioners treating PTSD through our program. Our services and any referred services through our Network are provided at no cost and offer an alternative to options currently available to our veterans and first responders.

Working in partnership with the Crisis Relief Network and their services, the Veterans Trauma Support Network was founded to provide therapy, currently offered only through private practice, to servicemen and women living with the invisible wounds of war including combat-related stress, major depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

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The Childhood Abuse and Trauma Foundation, in cooperation with our parent organization Child Watch of North America, provides free therapy services to survivors of childhood trauma and abuse. Services are provided directly or through a certified therapist.

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Child Watch has always believed that education is an essential element in keeping our children safe. Providing awareness and safety education to children, teens, and parents is the foundation for our goal to prevent abductions and victimization.

Since our inception in 1993, Child Watch Investigators have assisted in the recovery of 256 missing children.

Child Watch, in cooperation with The Federal Bureau of Investigation Tampa Bay Citizens Academy Alumni Association, promotes the FBI's Child ID App. The (FBITBCAAA) is a community-based supported organization that promotes a safer community through outreach and educational events, with emphasis on the mission and leadership role the FBI takes in protecting our communities and nation. The FBITBCAAA is a non-profit organization and is separate and distinct from the FBI.